Roof Trusses

Whether for residential, commercial, agricultural, or industrial buildings, Island Structural Systems Inc will design and build custom engineered roof trusses to the highest standards in our quality control plant. Our trusses are delivered to site with detailed layouts and instructions. Designed to meet local snow loads and the National Building Code.


Open Wood Web floor joist are manufactured right in our facility in Kensington to your specs. OWW floor joist offer longer clear spans and greater design flexibility. The open web design makes mechanical and electrical installation easy and fast.

Engineered Wood Products

Island Structural Systems Inc. is a supplier of LVL and LSL beams, OSB Rim Board, Wood I Floor Joist, LSL and LVL Columns, and Joist Hangers. We can supply Structural Steel Beams and Columns for longer spans and heavier loads.

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